Conventional (Traditional ) Boiler.

A conventional system has two water tanks in the loft, a large ‘cold water storage tank’ and small ‘feed and expansion tank’.

The ‘cold water storage tank’ draws water from the cold water mains to refill.

Water from the storage tank feeds cold water down to the cylinder (normally in the airing cupboard).

The central heating boiler will heat the cylinder and converts cold water to hot, this then enables the cylinder to release gallons of hot water to taps throughout the house.

The ‘feed and expansion tank’ is usually smaller and maintains the correct level of water in the heating system. It also allows for expansion of the water in the radiators and pipework when it gets hot.

A real benefit of this system is that showers, taps and running baths can be drawn in any room at the same time; not all systems can do that.

If the cylinder does run out of hot water it will have a fast recovery rate of 25 to 30 minutes (with a new boiler and cylinder).

The boilers listed below are available in a range of outputs and are all compatible with a conventional system.