Underfloor Heating

At DMG Heating & Plumbing we pride ourselves of offering one of the best underfloor heating systems in the market Uponor offers solutions for residential housing and other constructions, as well as various pipe systems for municipal and environmental infrastructure.

We seek to enhance comfort through our products; for residents this means safety, reliability and ease-to-use systems and for installers fast and smooth installation together with maximum dependability.

Our products save energy, and are environmentally friendly and cost-effective throughout all phases of their production and use.

We endeavour to recognise and cater to our customer’s needs and in developing new products and systems we cooperate closely with our customers. Training of installers and planners to our products and systems forms an integral part of our offering.

Our Service Includes:

  • Quotation, Design and CAD services for underfloor heating, radiator heating, and plumbing projects.
  • Technical advice regarding suitability of use of Uponor products.
  • Installation advice and assistance.